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We are an all-volunteer, state-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping animals through fostering and getting animals in kill shelters connected with rescue organizations.​

Fostering is an important step on an animal's journey to their forever home. The Wilson County Humane Society has a network of volunteer fosters that provide safe homes for animals who come into local shelters in Wilson County, NC at risk of being put down due to various reasons. Rescue organizations around the country who facilitate adoptions commit to taking the dog and finding their forever home, but while waiting to ride or fly to their final rescue destination, the Wilson County Humane society volunteers provide safe foster homes!

Foster homes can provide a safe space for days to months while an animal is waiting due to space at rescue centers, availability to transport, or medical needs that require attention before traveling. All of these are covered by local volunteers and community donations to support their basic and medical care while they are with the Wilson County Humane Society. 

Since the fall of 2016 we have saved over 4,500 animals including dogs and cats averaging about 1,000 saved animals every year. This is made possible by our team of volunteers and your support!


If you would like to get involved click below! We are always in need of more fosters and financial support for vet bills.


About Wilson County
Humane Society

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Volunteers support the Wilson County Humane Society by opening their homes to foster animals or transporting animals to veterinary appointments and rescues.

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