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Rosie's Story


We pulled Rosie at 6-8 weeks old from the shelter in June of 2021.   She was an active, healthy and the sweetest puppy .  When she went for her exam at the Vet the Dr said her heart didn’t sound right but didn’t think it was a heart murmur. We then scheduled her for more testing at The NC Vet Hospital  in Raleigh and found out that she had Paten Ductus Arteriosus. She needed heart surgery to correct this. It was not what we wanted to hear since she was less than 15 pounds. We had to wait another few weeks for her to get a little bigger.

On July 13 2021 she went to NC State Vet Hospital for minimally invasive closure of her PDA. She did very well . She came home and went back to the hospital couple days later due to swelling of her neck, could not eat and was very sick. After staying there for a week with the Internal Medicine group and more testing. It appeared she was allergic to something they had given her during the heart surgery and they determined it was the antibiotic. We were happy that it was not an allergic reaction to the device they put in during the surgery , it does happen in about 1% of patients. It was hard to see Rosie so sick and for her to understand the Dr’s will make her feel better.

During her recovery she could not run, jump and needed to be crated and walked on a leash. I had to also take her heart rate several times a day to make sure it was within the limits. This was an app I had on my phone.  Over time she is started to feel good, eating well and wanting to play. So keeping a puppy quiet for 3 months to recover so the device doesn’t move was not an easy task.

In August of 2021 Rosie was ready to go to her rescue up north.  It was difficult to see Rosie go and I decided to drive her up myself and meet the rescue. Rosie did not mind the 6 hour ride. It was hard to say goodbye but I knew she was with a great rescue group and would be able to find her forever home.

She went for her check up October 2021 and had a perfect check up and everything seemed to be in place and finally she could be adopted .  She is now adopted and doing very well in her new home.

Rosie will always have a special place in my  heart .

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