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Foster. Donate. Volunteer.

The Wilson County Humane Society is run 100% by volunteers and we are always looking for new members to join our team! Volunteer opportunities include fostering and transporting. 

There are a wide variety of of commitments for volunteers and we encourage you to explore all of these options to find what fits best for you! It can be as simple as driving a dog to a vet appointment in town to driving our bus to Virginia to meet up with another transport, or caring for an animal in your home! We welcome what you can offer.

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Every animal's journey begins with their foster! Fosters open their homes and provide temporary care to animals until they go to their final rescue group. Fosters care for dogs anywhere from overnight to a few weeks. 

Fosters are supported every step of the way!

Food and Crate can be provided if needed, Medical care is covered by the rescue, fosters do not have to live in Wilson, You are welcome to split the time with a friend!


The next steps on an animals journey is travel! Whether it is to a vet appointment in town, to a specialty vet in another county or even to meet their transport in another state! This could be in your own vehicle or sometimes in the humane society official mini bus! Transporting is an essential part of the journey and we welcome volunteers who are comfortable with local or long distance travel. 

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