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Jessi's Story


Around my birthday in July 2020,  I went to the Animal Shelter to pickup my new foster Jessi. They took my crate to the back and brought it back out filled with the most shut down dog I had seen ever. She wouldn't look out only cowered in the back of the crate. On the ride home I talked to her about how we would get through this together. When I arrived home placed her crate in her kennel she still cowered. I opened the crate door left food in her bowl and water then left her to decompress from shelter shock. She was skin and bones. I made her a promise she would get a Furever Family that day. What I didn't know that day was it would take 5 months to get to that family. Truly I'm glad I didn't. We faced many struggles together Jessi and I alone in that kennel. There were days I was afraid I had made a impossible promise. But I knew I would not give up as long as there was breath in us both.The first time she allowed me to touch her without her shaking in fear was the day I knew we were on our way . I quietly spent many days just sitting with her and other times reading to her. I had asked for two months to try to fix her before she'd leave for her Rescue . As we were winding down month 4 we made a break through of her actually walking on a long leash rather than running. We worked on everything she would need to live with a family. But it was sometime late November before I got the break through I'd waited for since day one. That cold November night as I sat and feed her treats she moved closer and licked my hand at that moment I reached out she climbed into my lap and buried her head. I snuggled her gently and we sat there until she slipped out of my lap as cautiously as she climbed in. Jessi went to her rescue early December and by mid December she was joining her Furever family in their Christmas pictures. As the month's passed we learned alot together but the most important thing we learned was she wasn't completely broken she mostly needed love. Fostering to Furever 

                                                                   WCHS Foster

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