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Sadie's Story

To say Sadie had a rough start in life would be an understatement. When we rescued Sadie from the local shelter she had been badly injured. Based on her physical state we believe she was thrown from a vehicle then hit by another car resulting in severe "road rash" and a broken vertebrae. Additionally, at some point in her life had also been shot. ​

Even after being rescued it was an uphill battle to recovery. Her road rash was badly infected and she was unable to walk. It was unclear if she would ever regain use of one of her legs at all. She spent about 3 weeks on a high doses of pain medication, antibiotics, and total movement restriction in order to heal. Her recovery required her foster to physically support her standing to support muscle movement. She was in so much pain and there were moments we were unsure if her struggle was too much to bare, but Sadie never quit and we never gave up on her. 

She progressed to taking very short daily walks...on her own! She continued improving more and more every day until she was healthy enough to board the Flying Fur bus to her rescue in Connecticut. They kept Sadie for about a month while searching for the perfect forever home, and they soon found the perfect fit! 

Sadie is now with her new family, has regained use of ALL of her legs. She is living a full and happy life with a new found purpose. Sadie's owner was recently diagnosed with a health issue and Sadie has become her therapy dog. Sometimes recued dogs really rescue us. 

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